We are a proxy service with over 15+ years of experience.  We have many references from present and past clients, and also have had 2 past champions and many other winners. The Westgate Supercontest (used to be LVH & Las Vegas Hilton) is a fun fast paced NFL Football Contest.  It is $1,500 to enter paying the top 100 places and each player must pick 5 teams weekly against the posted point spread. The prize pool for 2019 is estimated to be over $5 Million.  Last year’s 2018 winner took home $1.4+ Million and the Gold Contest winner took home $640,000. The total pool in 2019 $5+ Million.

The new 2019 Circa Millions Football Contest offers a guaranteed MILLION DOLLAR WINNER, 100% of all the entries going back to the players. PLEASE CLICK ON THE CONTESTS PAGE FOR ALL RULES AND REGULATIONS

Please email us at should you have questions about this contest or any others in the Las Vegas area.


WE CANNOT COLLECT ANY FUNDS YOU ARE SIMPLY AUTHORISING US TO SUBMIT PICKS FOR YOU is an independent proxy service for Las Vegas football contests, including the Westgate SuperContest. is not affiliated or endorsed by The Westgate Hotel Casino & Sportsbook/ Golden Nugget/ Las Vegas Sportsline in any way.